Numerology for baby names

Check your name or baby name or your company name with our numerology Prediction tool.
Just type the name as you write in your Bank or office ( include first name, middle name, last name, initials..etc) and select the correct date of birth.

The Free numerology tool will calculate all as per Indian Numerology System and give you the result
Please Note:

1. Only letters in English are accepted.
2. Numbers are calculated for their value only.
3. Spaces and other Punctuation marks are not calculated.
4. Numerology results are based on Indian Numerlogy calculations.
5. If your checking for a company please input either Owner date of birth or incorporation date.

How we caculate numerology?

Every English letter is assigned to a Number as below:

A, I, J, Q, Y : 1
B, K, R : 2
C, G, L, S : 3
D, M, T : 4
E, H, N, X : 5
U, V, W : 6
O, Z : 7
F, P : 8

Name Number: Assigned every letter of the name as above and totalled and reduced to single digit
Corporal Number: The total of date of birth reduced to single digit
Life Number : The total date+month+year reduced to single digit