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Child-Names.Com is a name directory. As the name suggests it is a simple list of names that are used by people around the world. This sort of a name List may help parents who search for naming thier child.

We tried to help a friend select a name for his new born child. On browsing through the internet we found lot website with names. But none were able to help as most of the sites were cluttered with so many information that Our friend was not interested.

So at the end we ended up collecting names in a database which grow over period and now consists of more than 50 Millions (we thank every member in our Team for the great efforts).
Please note that we don't have any personal information or Business email-ids, address or phone numbers. We just have names and display only names.

Numerology for baby names

Check your name or baby name or your company name with our numerology Prediction tool.
Just type the name as you write in your Bank or office ( include first name, middle name, last name, initials..etc) and select the correct date of birth.

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